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The Salt: Evaluating RSL’s 2022 roster so far

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Is RSL better or worse off?

Real Salt Lake’s roster is — well — interesting right now, and it feels a little mix-and-match.

Obviously we have reason to believe that will change over time, but let’s take some time now to go through where things stand. It might help us highlight potential problem areas, and it’ll definitely help us understand our strengths.

Goalkeepers — 4

Rostered: Gavin Beavers, Jeff Dewsnup, Zac MacMath, David Ochoa

This is the strongest part of our roster, I’d say. We’re well-positioned for success with Ochoa, have a reasonable backup and leader in MacMath, and have two promising young goalkeepers available if worse comes to worse.

No concerns from me.

Defenders — 9

Rostered: Andrew Brody, Toni Datkovic, Zack Farnsworth, Justen Glad, Bret Halsey, Aaron Herrera, Erik Holt, Jaziel Orozco, Marcelo Silva

Let’s break this into groups.

At center back, we have Datkovic, Farnsworth, Glad, Holt, Orozco and Silva. If Farnsworth is available and not injured, I’d love to see what he can do. I think we’re in a good spot, so long as Datkovic stays — and plays better than he did last year. Silva and Glad make a good starting partnership, but it’s one that needs backup to Silva, who remains injury-prone. Holt is, well, Holt, and fine for a last-ditch option. Orozco is the promising young player of the group, and I sure hope we didn’t sign him just to sign him. Let’s give him a chance some time.

At full back — and I won’t break this up by left and right, because we have no true left backs — we have Brody, Halsey and Herrera

2022-01-13 02:30

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