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What If… “Thor Were an Only Child?” Turns Earth Into a Party Planet

What If...? Thor only child, dancing with Jane

After two darkity dark dark What If…?s, it’s a giant relief to get an episode that’s purely fun. In this week’s episode, Thor is fully the frat bro we met in his first movie, and he comes to Midgard to throw a planet-wide party.

Several days later, the party’s still jumping ’cause Frigga ain’t home, and things begin to go awry.


As the title suggests, the turning point in this episode is that Odin gives Loki back to the Frost Giants, and Thor grows up the spoiled only child of the First Family of Asgard. When Odin goes into his Odinsleep, and Frigga goes off to celebrate the Solstice with some of her sisters, Thor’s supposed to stay home and study. Instead he, Lady Sif and the Partiers Three head down to Midgard for the biggest Spring Break ever.

Meanwhile, Jane and Darcy are in the desert tracking a celestial anomaly! Jane’s been trying to get in touch with S.H.I.E.L.D. to warn them of an alien invasion, but no one’s willing to listen. She sees an unidentified glowing object streak across the sky, and then Thor and his buddies land in Las Vegas.

The Party begins.

Jane and Darcy drive to the Strip, and Jane attempts to warn Thor that his actions will cause terrible destruction across the Earth! But then… well, the two of them have that undeniable chemistry that turns them both into giggling schoolgirls, and soon she’s dancing with him instead of calling S.H.I.E.L.D. again.


But this gives us an opportunity to bask in the MCU’s second greatest montage: Darcy and Howard the Duck go on a not-date for half-price Happy Hour nachos! Loki and the Ice Bros show up, to the delight of all! Nebula’s cleaning up out on the casino floor! The Grandmaster is DJing! Oh shit

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