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Reading The Wheel of Time: Moiraine Makes a Run for It in Robert Jordan’s New Spring (Part 8)

Reading The Wheel of Time: New Spring

Welcome back friends to our read of New Spring, here on Reading The Wheel of Time. Last week I suggested that we would cover Chapters 14 and 15, but I had so much to say about Moiraine and the White Tower that we’re only going to get through Chapter 14, which is called “Changes,” which means I’ve had the David Bowie song stuck in my head for the last few days.

Oh, and I normally try not to use the words “read” and “time” too frequently, since they seem to come up a lot. Today I thought I’d lean in and see what the opposite intention looks like, which unfortunately didn’t come out as amusingly as I had hoped. But I’m feeling a bit punchy today, so that is the energy I’m going to be bringing to my recap and analysis. Let’s do this!

Moiraine and Siuan apply themselves to learning all the intricacies of Tower custom and politics. Moiraine is struck by just how complex the traditions are, not to mention the interwoven alliances and rivalries between the Ajahs, some of which have gone on for centuries, others of which the origins aren’t even really remembered. They are also instructed in certain weaves that aren’t taught until women are raised to Aes Sedai. One is the Warder bond, but Moiraine is surprised to learn that there are some secret weaves known only to the Blues. She theorizes that the other Ajahs must also have secret weaves, and perhaps individual sisters as well.

After all, she had had one, her first learned, before coming to Tar Valon, and had carefully concealed it from the sisters. They had been aware the spark was already ignited in her, but she told them only about lighting candles and making a ball of light to find her way in the dark. No one lived in the Sun Palace without learning to keep secrets. Did Siuan

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