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The U.S. Wuhan virus models have been way off target

Sean Davis from The Federalist tweeted some very interesting stuff yesterday morning about the Wuhan virus models and the expected impact on our country. And what do you know, the models were not that accurate. But the panic WAS real. … Continue reading →

2020-03-25 03:00

Fellowship Of The Minds

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Wuhan Virus Watch: Reviewing the Last 125 Days of Legal Insurrection Coverage

No new cases from Lake of the Ozarks party crowds. County officials won’t enforce Michigan Gov. Whitmer’s executive orders. Gamblers flock to downtown...

Donald Trump 'terminates relationship' with the World Health Organisation and blames it for spread of 'Wuhan virus' as he accuses it of failing to make reforms

President Donald Trump announced on Friday that the United States was terminating its relationship with the World Health Organization as he laid down...

Illegal Aliens: The Patient Zeroes Of The Wuhan Virus

It is China that gave us the latest Corona virus, and this is not the first version of the flu that c [...]

This is a fascinating read, and Communist China’s similar propaganda effort on the Wuhan Virus just goes to show that commies never change.

HISTORY: Lessons From Operation ‘Denver,’ the KGB’s Massive AIDS Disinformation Campaign. “Historian Douglas Selvage sheds light on a conspiracy theor...