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Committee approves increase to Goulbourn Wetland Complex

The City is poised to add new wetland areas to the Goulbourn Wetland Complex after the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee today approved Official Plan and zoning amendments revising the complex’s boundaries.

The move follows more than a decade of exhaustive research and public discussion, driven by the Government of Ontario requirement that municipalities protect provincially significant wetlands and prohibit development or site alteration on them. City-led studies of the area concluded that the wetlands are natural, long-standing features and that man-made causes, such as changes to drainage or improper ditch maintenance, did not add to the wetlands.

The City needs to designate the lands as wetland in the Official Plan and the Zoning By-law to be compliant with provincial policy and the Official Plan, and to preserve their environmental benefits. While the wetlands designation prohibits future development, existing uses on those lands can continue.

The Committee also approved a zoning amendment for the Hard Rock Ottawa Raceway and Casino at 4837 Albion Road. The amendment reflects a new location for the eight-storey hotel and a redesigned parking lot.

The planned addition to the existing casino would include a 177-room hotel, a 1,600-seat theatre and new restaurants. Zoning was approved in 2018 to build the addition on the north side of the casino, but the applicant has altered the design, moving the addition to the south side. The zoning amendment reflects the new location.

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2020-02-06 04:50


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